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21 August 2007 @ 01:26 am
My Average Day, family focus  
Until I decide 100% I will post MAD-photos that are mainly focused on my kids; putting the original images up at their website / Flickr account. Bear with me, yeah? Some of the photos are posted here for preview, the rest is up at Flickr (link to starting pic).

We spent the weekend in Sweden, visiting Universeum (a public science centre slash aquarium) and Liseberg (an amusement park next door to Universeum) on the day of MAD. I forgot to take pics from the very morning, but that only means I missed two pics; waking up and eating breakfast. Here we are dressed and ready to go, when Sebastian as usual decides he needs some sugar and reached for the complimentary Toblerone in our hotel room..

12am: The Great White Shark is Adrian's favourite animal (because Dinosaurs are extinct and Dragons are fictional). We did two rounds at Universeum, before and after dinner, and Adrian spent perhaps two hours in front of the sharks' tank altogether.

1pm: Still at the Universeum, the kids have tried out a number of experiments related to the human body and to physics, and Adrian never misses an opportunity to put his thoughts onto paper as drawings. Sebastian's more into thinking today, it seems. My favourite pic of the day, I love the light and colours and overall atmosphere in this photo.

4pm: After dinner, I forgot to take pics at McDonalds, heh. Sebastian and dad have gone back to the hotel for a nap - in order to be able to make it through an evening at the amusement park - while Adrian and I have returned to the Universeum. Here's an interesting demonstration of how the whole building acts as an ecosystem; they collect urine from visitors and employees, so that it can be used as a nutrient. Read about the Universeum ecosystem here.

5pm: The obligatory croc pic. I'm not sure what makes Adrian so interested in sharp toothed animals, nor am I confident whether or not I should be worrying about it (how come the nicest, most quiet boy is so hyped on anything "vicious"?), but it definitely makes for some interesting conversations. He impresses everyone with his knowledge and eye for details, and I can only imagine what it will be like when he starts to read more fluently and doesn't have to depend upon his mother being in the mood for reading out aloud from any of his 34 fact books (not to mention when he learns English and teh Intarwebs really opens up to him..!).

6pm: Sebastian is up and awake again, and we have entered the Liseberg amusement park. Here we are in a corridor waiting to get into the Maxxima PandaVision (3D cinema), when he decides he wants _yet_ another bite of his humongous lollipop. We will have to watch this kid and his sugar cravings, no more candy stored in our kitchen cupboards! Vacation indulgence is allowed, though. ;)

More pics in the MAD pool (reversed order) or at our Flickr account (link to first photo). :)